I as soon as heard a famous quote saying that – Every new theory is first ridiculed, then it is challenged, before eventually it really is accepted as the norm. Having been a firm believer in the power of raw foods for a lot more than 5 years now, there is a very important factor I’m immensely grateful for – my unwavering perseverance and faith in the reality of raw foods. With this particular faith of believing in the unseen, and simply making senses from the text messages my body delivers to me, I’m now reaping huge priceless benefits from living in magical ways. To begin with, my cardiovascular overall health is that of a 26 year old! Put simply, it is accurate to state that my metabolic REAL Time is 26 years old.

My lean muscle mass is 29% – way greater than the average women norm in Singapore and Asia. And also higher than most young men in Singapore! I’m extra lean and fit than ever in my own whole entire lifetime on Earth. Although I really do not run as often when i used to before, รับสร้างบ้าน (simply because I thought we would take better attention of my joints and ligaments), my stamina continues to improve by leaps and bounds. In the beginning, I was baffled and even convinced that I could extremely hard improve anymore. But my own body continues to amaze me in terms of skin, looks and stamina exercise.

And needless to say, I’ve never even looked this refreshing and young 10 years ago! Can you imagine how awesome is that? What’s this Magical Power from Raw Foods? Exactly why is it so amazing?

The answer does not result from the foods; the secret is based on the inherent powers of your own body. This body is constructed of probably the most precious, un-duplicable and unknown materials which we’ve not even come close to understanding 1% about. It includes a tremendous ability to heal, renew and rejuvenate itself if only we allow it the best materials to work. Researchers and doctors have not been able understand the human brain beyond 10%, not able to figure out the purpose of our pineal gland (except that it reacts to gentle, and nothing else is known), let alone the rest of our body organs and tissues.

In actual fact, all our body organs are constructed with tissues, which are in turn made of cells. These clusters of tissue make up tissues, clusters of tissues form organs, or bones etc, which will make up our physical body. Every morsel of foods we intake into our body, are metabolized into substances delivered to the cells. The foods we consume become part of the cells in the body, and eventually make up the tissues and organs and our body.

It is like creating a house with different grades of materials – junk or real good construction, materials. Just like the Three Little Pigs, it is possible to choose to build your home with straw, hardwood or bricks. Everything we do in Life is a Choice. When you create a change to consume Raw Living Foodstuffs, you infuse the body with the top grade of creating materials for a company solid house. This house is the dwelling place for your Being. When you have a good house with clean atmosphere, you live comfortably, you are happier, and you have time for extra meaningful, enriching activities together with your family and loved ones. You are absolve to pursue your true goal in Life.

But when the home is cluttered, constantly falling aside, you are heavily involved in major overhauls, repair works, cleansing and healing. Virtually no time for like, laughter and realizing that genuine value which you are here to deliver. I, for one, choose only the best possible materials at any given time, towards building and servicing of my house. Like the Elder Pig, I choose just firm, genuine strong bricks which stand strong even yet in the harshest wind, typhoon attacks or any VIRUS scares. Are you like me? Remember everything that you experienced is your choice. You have the energy to decide, resume the responsibility now.

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